Monday, January 5, 2009

The Angel Frequency

I have a friend that is forever with me in my most quiet times. So do you. The sound of our nervous system resonates. Since I have become friends with it, I zone in to it, utilizing it to my Intuition. I call this my Angel Frequency.


When I hear the high frequency of my nervous system, I am often very focused on a project or goal. This high frequency, when I ride it, directs me to answers with out thinking. Its very essence is equivalent to high energy and good ideas. When I am very tired, I tend not to hear any tone at all. This I know to be true for me. As an Intuitive Light Worker it is difficult for me to read with out this high tone resonating.


There is also a lower tone, which is felt more then heard. This is my inner Ommm. When I am at one with myself, resting calmly on a Saturday morning with my animals in the morning sun, the lower tone joins the high frequency. This "harmony resonance" within is meditation time. No projects, goals or needs clutter my mind. This too speaks to me as if an Angel Frequency.


Angels speak to us all the time in the tones of our own nervous systom. Your greatest revelations will always come when you are NOT looking for them. They do not come as beautiful winged entities, but as a freqency felt within the heart, soul and mind. Giving this essence a beautiful picture is Represenative Art. As we search for beauty and spirit outside our selves, we miss the beautiful gift that sings within as long as we are alive in the sound of our own newrvous systom frequency.

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  1. Now I get it, thanks to your excellent explanation of what the real 'angel frequency' is! And I just wanted to say thanks and to tell you that I posted your blog on my blog, which I have only just begun! You are welcome to offer me my very first comment should you desire to....

    I can be found at: "seeking serenity and" I was afraid to even go public with my blog just yet but figured, "What the heck?"