Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Channeling Rachael: Greg Nooney at Achieve Radio

On Tarot Joy at Achieve Radio: Channeling Rachael

Wednesday March 14th, 2012:
6:00PM Eastern, 5:00PM Central, 3:00PM Pacific
To Listen Live: http://achieveradio.com  
Recorded Archive: http://achieveradio.com/ann-marie

 Channeling Rachael - A Live Body/Soul Channeling. 1 Hr. Interview and Questions with Greg Nooney by Ann Marie on Tarot Joy.

Certified Therapist, Greg Nooney, breathes into and speaks on air, the collective consciousness wisdom of "Rachael." Ann Marie conducts the 1 hour interview questions.

Certified therapist, mediator and Social Work trainer, with universities Iowa, Nebraska and North Carolina, Greg Nooney has presented numerous workshops and teaches the experience of Channeling. Today he shares the process of breathing into the collective consciousness and wisdom of Rachael. For a better understanding of Greg and his journey with Rachael read his blog:  http://channelingrachael.com/

Therapist and Work Shop Instructor, Greg Nooney, will start today's interview with the knowledge that he has acquired through the unexpected and profound channeling of Collective Consciousness and Over Lord, Rachael.  Half way during the show, Greg will begin breathing exercises and unite with spirit, Rachael in todays 1 hour interview.  Greg says he doesnot know what to expect when Rachael speaks, and is apologetic if she is blunt. 

TODAY'S INTERVIEW QUESTIONS - Wednesday 14th, 2012

1} Explain "Rachael Consciousness".  In your journey as a "Spirit Walker" to the other side, helping the dying to pass, where, when and how did Rachel come through?
2} explain what Toxic Thoughts are
3} what are the dynamics of an "old way" thinker
4} what are the dynamics of a "new way" thinker
5} {from our last interview together} what is a Feeder? How do we react towards them?
6} the bible says that in final days, many will be prophets, many will follow, and many will be led astray.  What do we look for within ourselves, to determine the authenticity of the message we hear, so that we may follow in true light?  {The Egyptians call this the time of the "Golden Cobra",  and that as warfare and greed took over in ancient days, the golden cobra {spiritually speaking} coiled within the ground...WHERE AS  In this new age, the Golden Cobra, {spiritually speaking} rises, to see with "third eye" "awareness" and "spiritual understanding".  I see the similarities in "little spirals creating vortexes through the densities of the planet."   PLEASE EXPLAIN FURTHER: the ENERGY OF THE SPIRITUAL FUEL OF THESE VORTEXES.
AT THIS POINT GREG NOONEY WILL BEGIN THE PROCESS OF CHANNELING RACHAEL.  Greg warns that Rachael can be very blunt so it is not clear what we can expect. 
6} Is it possible for "old way" thinkers, and "new way" thinkers to be outspoken?  And if so, is the dynamic of fear, anger and toxic emotion destroying the peace, created by THE WAY we teach and share?
7} as light workers, and spiritualists, what is our responsibility to the New Earth?
8} is there anything else you need us to know?

See Ann Marie's History as an Indigo Child

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


by Ann Marie O'Dell

As an Intuitive Adviser and Master Tarot Channel for over 37 years, I have a portfolio of over 22,000 client feed backs. Listed with Best Psychic Directory, a radio host for Achieve Spiritual Radio, and published author of 3 books, I never forget that what we all want when seeking a reading, is honesty, warmth and clear advice. 

Raised in an artistic family of free form thinkers, daughter of two teachers, and encouraged that my Additional Dimension Disorder was blessed with gifts of writing, music and intuition, I have gone from severe insecurity, to becoming a happy Rainbow Crone.  Tarot came into my life at the age of 19. I discovered I had an extraordinarily ability to "Ping" like a satellite through the past, present, and future with fluid ease.  I do not define or label my gift with labels of Clairaudience, Clairsentience, Clairscentient.   Truly all that matters to my clients is, "are you accurate?" 

I believe that all of us must go through the 40 days and 40 nights of the wilderness. Each one of us is put on this crystal blue planet to complete a personal life mission.  As I follow the path of "lightworker," I find that my readings, studio, fairy gardens, hypnotherapy, have led me full circle to ordaining as a Universal Life Minister. I wanted to share my love of creating Angel Frequency, and offer visitors the chance to fully enjoy a walk with tea within the fairy gardens. My published book "Gardens of the Sisterhood."shares my design concepts, and how to find spirit in the garden. http://sisterhoodgardens.com


When a client comes to me for channeled guidance I ask that they start our session by telling me as little as possible.

From here I confirm all thoughts on my clients matter with a well worn deck of Tarot.  {Someone asked me once, "Do you need to buy a new deck of cards Annie?"} It is my preference to use a deck that has fully absorbed all of my energy prints. Though Tarot is nothing but a "tool", my familiarity with my cards increases my relaxation to channel through them; much like a carpenter may get in to "the zone"  with a favorite wrench or hammer.  Anyone that has seen me read will notice when I am in my zone, my eyes are closed, and I rock back and forth.  This is my "zone"....called "channeling."


I certified in Trans-personal hypnotherapy in 2004, and became attuned in Reiki in 2008.  I had been intrigued by the nurturing properties of warm Basalt Stones for years.  I also became aware that the warm soothing properties of the stones put my clients into a calm that was equal to 20 minutes of hypnotherapy relaxation. Clients were extremely receptive as they went into a luscious soothing twilight sleep.  The process:
  • My fully clothed client lies on a heated massage table.   
  • Warm Basalt Stones are placed on the 7 Chakra points of the body, {pelvic, stomach, solar plexus., heart region, throat, forehead and crown. } In addition warm stones are placed  in the arm pits, under the knees, back and feet.
  •  I follow this with a soothing hypnotherapy of chakra colors and feelings, leading to a roof top in an indigo sky of stars.  Here they meet their angels. 
  • Through out the combination of stones and Reiki, I interject the goals and creative intentions my client desires for their life.
  • Clients leave warm, relaxed, nurtured  and exquisitely free of stress.  It gives a new start to a new day guided by the calling of light.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Bear Medicine Walker and Raven Talker * Spirit Tea with Ann Marie

Bear Medicine Walker and Holly Raven Talker join Ann Marie for a magical hour of sage clearing guidance, readings and spirit. Catch the Autumn breeze to Ann Marie's. 
Wednesday October 13th, 2010

6:00PM Eastern, 5:00PM. Central, 4:00PM Mountain, 3:00PM Pacific
Click here to listen to show
Bear Medicine Walker and Holly Raven Talker join Ann Marie for a magical hour of sage clearing guidance, readings and spirit. Catch the Autumn breeze to Ann Marie's.
Bear and Raven have a popular radio show full of wisdom, guidance, laughter, and magic. Join for a Halloween Month festivity and get guidance, laughs and music. Join Ann Marie for a Harvest celebration with 2 charismatic women that will treat you with sage-friendly honor and warmth.
Bear and Raven have a popular radio show full of wisdom, guidance, laughter, and magic. Join for a Halloween Month festivity and get guidance, laughs and music. Join Ann Marie for a Harvest celebration with 2 charismatic women that will treat you with sage-friendly honor and warmth. http://www.medicinewalker.com/

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Bear Medicine Walker and "Father Stan" * Journey to Spirit * STORIES, MUSIC, READINGS

Click to hear the show at 6:00PM Eastern, 3:00PM Pacific
Wednesday September 29th, 2010
Bear and "Father Stan" * {Wolf Slaughter concern}Spirit Quest, Native Music, Totem Readings
She is the iron strength of the warrior, an artisan and a healer. He is the author and soft voice of totem wisdom.
A tapestry of Intuitive Totem Readings, Knowledge and Love will embrace you with Bear Medicine Walker and Father Stan Hughes. Author of "A Beginner’s Walk on the Pathway to Native American Spirituality", Father Stan Hughes will direct you to the door that leads you to Your personal spirit quest. Bear is an Artisan and a Healer whose vibrant energy paintings and readings speak to you with truth. A special concern will be voiced for the Wolf Slaughter.  Call for a Totem Hug Reading! 888-235-7374


Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Bridges of Recovery: Past Life, Broken Heart and Death


In Past Life sessions, clients are sometimes asked to visualize their boat going under a bridge to the other side. Here their past life awaits them. A broken heart can feel crippling until the bridge is crossed to recovery.  In death, often a 2 week time frame is seen and felt as the loved one crosses the bridge to eternal light.


All of us have been in a relationship that hurt us so badly it floored us with grief.  The need to talk about it is intense, and often friends wear out.  This is when a psychic adviser often comes in, to bridge the gap, and get you past the pain.  A psychic adviser will also not be afraid to let you know what they see, good and bad, and also a strategy and guidance for blocking but with compassion.


It happens without you comprehending how.  One day the sadness and pressure of a lost one are lessened.  What seemed incomprehensible to let go of, has healed in your sleep.  You wake up and see the pictures you cried over day after day, and suddenly they seem like out worn rock and roll posters on your wall. You still care, but feel rejuvenated.  At this point you may decide to call your psychic less, knowing they are there for you with arms out stretched next time you need them.



The 2 week release of a loved person or pet after death is a well known bridge of light, in which they cross and are at rest.  We can feel within our selves a great sigh of relief, missing them terribly, but feeling they are in the arms of their angels and God Source.  When the bridge is crossed, as in torn love, over night a healing comes.  Out comes the sun.  The pain and fear are lessened for both the living and the one crossed over.  Here again a psychic can lesson the pain by message readings, as the bridge is crossed to brilliant light.

Can you see your bridge to recovery?  Remember you are not alone as long as there are qualified psychic advisers, counselors and healers.  But you must take the steps to reach out.  You can do this.   

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Email Angel Readings * Email Photograph Readings


Ann Marie has been a Master Tarot reader since 1970 who follows the guide lines of ethical certified reading.

4 Question, 4 Paragraph Angel GuidanceReading - $40.00

A 4 Paragraph Email Reading of hope on your blessings and gifts, with an emphasis on what your Angels need you to know, gives positive feedback and confirmation on what you have "felt" may be going on within you. Your Angels are speaking to you. Are you listening?   Have a beautiful day.  There is always hope in the dark. Please send only your first name and a brief question. Receive a 4 paragraph reading on You, and your special Angel Message.

Please keep your questions related to one theme  

Email Photograph Read $40.00 * Attach Photo to "Send Mail"

Each photograph carries an energy and vibration about the subject in it.   Scan your photo, attach it to your question and send it to me by Keen mail. I will give a 4 question, 4 paragraph reading on the subject in your photograph.

Magic room

Give your first name and the name of the subject in your photo

Examples of Email Reading 4 Question Topics


1} At this time how does he/she feel about you?
2} What are their intentions for you?
3} Will there be a future for you both?
4} What does this person most want from you?


1} At this time what is your purpose at your present job?
2} Will there be any promotions or job changes?
3} How do they perceive your greatest contribution to the job?
4} What/ who stands in your way of job progress?


1} At this time what dynamic are others feeling from your craft?
2} Is there an emotion or “essence” you need to strengthen or bring forth?
3} What theme should your next book chapter be?
4} Will there be a movie project, recording or gallery showing coming?
5} Concerning your craft what names / connections, work for or against you? {Please give first names.}


1} What are the intentions of your Office / Business Partner?
2} Can you trust them to keep secrets?
3} Where does your working partnership seem to be in the future?
4} Should you avoid them? Should you faze the Partnership out?
5} You have names...who is most loyal? Will you work well together?


1} What is the energy within the property you want to buy?
2} Will the bank take the offer?
3} What is an approximate time frame for selling your house?
4} How is your property perceived by others looking to buy?


1} What is the energy surrounding your Child/Children/Relative?
2} What is bothering him/her?
3} What do they need most from you as a parent / Sibling?
4} Will they be ok?


1} At this time who seems to be ahead; You or the the other side?
2} Is your Defense doing all they can or stringing you along?
3} Will the other party settle in court, or out side of court?
4} Did they do it? Will you win or lose? Should you change Attorneys?


1} Your dreams have been disturbing. What is Spirit trying to tell you?
2} Have you been on the right track? Why or why not?
3} Your mentor seems confusing to you. What are their true Intentions?
4} What Is your Best Course of Action? What do Your Angels want you to know?

SATHANAMA...soft voice of meditation and ENERGY vision

 From the Netherlands to You
September 15th, Wednesday
Time: 3:00pm Pacific, 6:00pm Eastern
Call in for Reading: 888-234-7374

The lights glow softly on a fine boned small woman sitting cross legged in meditation on a Persian Rug.  The soothing chord of “C” resonators in a full “Ommmmmmm.” A  3 minute silence impregnates the air with spiritual inner peace, vibrating within, full expectation.. When she speaks her voice is soft, beautiful and commanding.  She tells of her journey as a spiritualist, how she is you, and how to redesign your path, as she did, to full glory from despair to all you can be. She reads into your energy, shows you what she sees in her minds eye for you.  From her Netherlands Spiritual shop, “Sathanama” will  be interviewed and give her visions with Ann Marie, on “Tarot Joy” Wednesdays, September 15 at Achieve Radio, 3:00pm Pacific, 6:00pm Eastern