Friday, January 30, 2009

Past Life Spirit Portraits & Teachings by George David Fryer

11:00 AM Eastern 10:00 AM Central, 9:0 AM Mountain, 8:00 AM Pacific

Hauntings through Art

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George David Fryer of London, a Past Life Portrait Artist and Spritual teacher, draws on the streets of London portraits of your Past Life Spirit. The guides he channels forth through his portraits are of the next level of mastery and ready to help and assist your life’s quest.

Featured in a number of spiritual magazines, George David Fryer teaches on Ascended Spirit Guides and joins Ann Marie O'Dell, an Angel Reader, for an interview on his special gift. What do your Angels and Guides need you to know? Don’t miss George David Fryer's fascinating video, and interview at Brain Bling Psychic Theater. Spirit and Angel readings will follow interview.

Topics Spoken On by George David Fryer

@ What is death?

@ What's the essence of Obama's Spirit Guides?

@ What IS an “Ascended Spirit Guide” ?

@ How do spirit guides operate within us?

@ What will the next Past Life be for Serial Killers?

@ Can a male/female have an opposite sex guide?

@ Why do some people have groups of guides, others not?

@ Do different guides direct us at different times in life?

@ How do Orthodox Religion and "Past Life" fit together?

@ Can a living person's past or future, act as another’s spirit Guide?

@ What happens in the process of channeling through art ?

@ How may someone purchase a Spirit Portrait by George Fryer?

@ What is the purpose of Synchronicity in Past Life Journey

Listen to 'Psychic Artist" and Spiritual teacher, George David Fryer, give his fascinating and humerous Interview.

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