Friday, June 26, 2009

Channelings on Michael Jackson & Farah Faucett * Messages from Beyond

Internet Radio Channelings by Ann Marie O'Dell

Messagees from Beyond

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Michael Jackson & Farah Faucet were channeled for final messages through Tarot Channeling’s by Ann Marie. Their energy, still so fresh, was incredibly strong. Readings were smooth as silk and reverberated with very strong essence energy. Ann Marie, known as “The Velvet Hammer", is a National Psychic Phone Adviser with 30+ yrs Tarot Channeling Exp. Lessons on how to Channel names, tell time frames and seasons in Tarot and how to "go numb" to clean our minds as we read for others were given on this Psychic Radio Program. Belly dancing and sitar music were played at break.

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