Friday, November 27, 2009

CHAKRA SWEATERS * Whats your favorite sweater say about you?

What sweater do you reach for when your feeling absolutly YOU? The one you've had forever. How do you know? You feel comforted, relaxed and at peace. Your Chakra Sweater. Every time you grab for it your either in for a funky laid back self indulgence of slobbiness or creative focus. Your Ommm time.


Red is the Root Chakra color. It's frequencies run deep like the roots of a tree into the frequencies of Family, Security, Core Value and Self Confidense.  This color grounds you and feels like a Hug.  Red's frequencies act like the foundation of a building.
  • Families, organizations and security are based on red and earth color frequencies.
  •  How people feel about you and what they expect from you matters very much;
  • You may reach for First Chakra when you feel you are missing family or security also.
  • Reds, Browns, Okras, Plum, Maroon and Taupe are 1st Chakra Sweater Colors.
FEEL LIKE YOU ARE DRIFTING AND SHAKY?   Balance by wearing a red, brown or taupe sweater to give you strong earthy foundational roots.


CREATIVE AND SEXUAL ENERGY radiate from your orange sweater.  Feeling focused on a project that needs special energy is often this person's Chakra Sweater favorite.  Writing a book? Organizing a funcion or project?  Need to think and stratigize?

  • Your Orange  sweater says you are calm in the face of chaos or turmoil. 
  • FEEL LIKE YOUR IN NEED OF NEW IDEAS? Balance by wearing an orange sweater for a boost in creative juices and sexual empowerment.


From your 3rd Chakra Gold or Yellow sweater radiate the Wings of Angels and Intuitive Personal Empowerment. 

  • Your Gold 3rd Chakra sweater is related to your personal self image and relates to your self worth, self confidence and personal empowerment.
  • Feel Worried? Reach for your Angels and Intuition.  Balance by wearing a Yellow sweater to fight the blues with sunshine and golden light.


Your 4th Chakra Green or Pink Sweater speaks of Unconditional Love and the Healing power of this color frequency is awesome.

  • Green and Pink, are heart chakra colors of unconditional love that’s potential is oneness with God and nature.
  • Love, tolerance and compassion resonate within you.
  • FEEL AS IF YOU ARE BEATING YOUR SELF UP? Balance by wearing a green or pink sweater to sooth your angry inner chatter.
  • Put your negative feelings for self or loved ones on a back burner.  Wear your green sweater to strengthen inner love.


Your 5th Chakra Blue Sweater is the "Communicator" and "Truth Speaker".   With the joy of a child it sings free and clear with out shame.

  • You likely wave your arms and hands when you speak.
  • FEEL LIKE YOU HAVE LOST YOUR VOICE? Balance  by wearing a blue sweater when you feel you have lost your voice or feel no one is listening.  Speak out in your blue 5th Chakra sweater!


Your 6th Chakra Indigo or Black sweater speaks keenly of Wisdom and a Sixth Sense.  You are the divine mystic presence of antiquity and sacred 3rd Eye.  A feeling of "Knowing" is with you in your 6th Chakra Indigo or Black sweater.
  • You are not effected by your emotions, but intuitive wisdom. You see the issue at hand.
  • You are naturally a person of non-attached clairvoyance.
FEEL YOU ARE ANALYZING TOO MUCH? Balance and wear your Indigo or Black sweater to recapture your wise non-attachment to make decisions that count despite crowd opinion.


In your White or Purple 7th Chakra Sweater you are surrounded by light and love.  You are encased in a temple of light and spirit. 
  • It is no coincidence that many religions don white robes for prayer.  
  • In your white or purple sweater you are in rapture with the glory of the Universe.
  • White is a color worn to represent spirituality, a clean slate, mystic oneness.
  • Purple is often chosen to represent royalty and atunement with the Universe.

NEED RAPTURE IN YOUR LIFE? Balance and wear white or purple to make a clean slate, and recapture your spirit after a disillusioning day.

Ann Marie is an Intuitive Adviser with over 30 years certified reading experience 

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