Sunday, January 24, 2010

Earth Sister Readings with Ann Marie * Psychic Channeling * 888-235-7374

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                    Sunday: Jan.24th, 2010
                    Time: 2:00pm Eastern, 1:00pm Central, 12:00pm Mountain, 11:00pm Pacific
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Coffee Matinee, 38 Yrs Master Tarot, 15,000+ feed backs
I am your Earth Sister, Ann Marie. With 30+ yrs channeling and 15,000 National client feed backs I connect my Angels with yours to tell you the best path in 2010 I see for you. A short Harmony Meditation and Sunday Coffee Matinee begin the show. Just give your first name. Be it Love, Career or Spirit lets focus on the energy that comes forth and illuminates your path. Rise like the Phoenix from the flames. What do your guides need you to know? The future is changeable according to your wise actions. Join me, Ann Marie O’Dell, for an Earth Sister Reading and Sunday Matinee. Call 888-237-7374

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