Sunday, March 7, 2010

White Buffalo Calf Woman * a feminine Jesus

"When Roman Catholic missionaries first came among the
Lakota, their stories of the Virgin Mary and Jesus became associated with the legend of White
Buffalo Calf Woman
."   Unity through love and Great Spirit continues among Lakota Christians to this day.  She is the  identity of leadership through the softer gentle qualities of the wise woman. Last week the first woman Chief in 300+ yrs was chosen by the Mohegan Nation.  Has the time for all Native Americans come to unite and be back in the race as true honored leaders?

There would come a day of awakening when all the peoples of all the
tribes would form a New World of Justice, Peace, Freedom and
recognition of the Great Spirit. The "Warriors of the Rainbow" would
spread these messages and teach all peoples of the Earth or "Elohi".
They would teach them how to live the "Way of the Great Spirit". They
would tell them of how the world today has turned away from the Great
Spirit and that is why our Earth is "Sick". The "Warriors of the
Rainbow" would show the peoples that this "Ancient Being" (the Great
Spirit), is full of love and understanding, and teach them how to make
the "Earth or Elohi" beautiful again.

Ann Marie's Sunday Radio Show Honors Wise Women of Peace

 Have the Native American Prophesies of White Buffalo Woman begun?
Guest Recording Artist, "Bunny Sings Wolf", will speak on her vision quests, and treaty writings for the Lakota Stone Walkers. Native Music and  Vision Readings for callers will be given.
Click on the radio to hear the show today!
   SUNDAY Time: 2:00 PM Eastern, 1:00 PM Central,  11:00 AM Pacific
Dreams and Visions: Bunny Sings Wolf
Dreams and visions are highly personal. My songs all came in dreams and I am clear about giving honor to source. I trust Spirit will speak through me to "know" their meaning for you.
ABOUT MY JOURNEY WITH RESERVATION TREATIES: At this time I am writing a treaty with Native Lakota Stone Walkers,  the 'Sioux' Nation leader, "Chief Grass". I am the go between - gentler voice - feminine energy - to introduce this mans message to the "outside" world about the Black Hills treaty. SPECIAL NOTE! This show airs just as the Mohegan Indian council picks their first female chief in 300-plus years! {Have the prophesies of "White Buffalo Woman" begun?}

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