Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Bear Medicine Walker and "Father Stan" * Journey to Spirit * STORIES, MUSIC, READINGS

Click to hear the show at 6:00PM Eastern, 3:00PM Pacific
Wednesday September 29th, 2010
Bear and "Father Stan" * {Wolf Slaughter concern}Spirit Quest, Native Music, Totem Readings
She is the iron strength of the warrior, an artisan and a healer. He is the author and soft voice of totem wisdom.
A tapestry of Intuitive Totem Readings, Knowledge and Love will embrace you with Bear Medicine Walker and Father Stan Hughes. Author of "A Beginner’s Walk on the Pathway to Native American Spirituality", Father Stan Hughes will direct you to the door that leads you to Your personal spirit quest. Bear is an Artisan and a Healer whose vibrant energy paintings and readings speak to you with truth. A special concern will be voiced for the Wolf Slaughter.  Call for a Totem Hug Reading! 888-235-7374


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