Sunday, September 5, 2010

Older Women - Younger Men

I have been happily married to a man 16 years younger then I am for 11 years.

Did I look for that to happen?  Heavens no.  We had to decide to overlook the discrimination. But the funny thing is this.  He has gray hair.  I haven't even got one strand of it. His back goes out constantly.  Mine never does.  I can skip circles around him.

But the oddest thing is he ACTS 16 years older then me.  Constantly he is stressed about my youthful openness to the world and feels driven to protect me from what he feels is my "over-trust".  It is not easy to be with a man that acts like my Father. {again, he's 16 yrs younger then I am}

It comes to this. He is an old soul.  And I have learned to adjust to his cautious nature despite his "older" attitude...his back aches.....his gray hair.....I have seen tough times and know that no relationship is completely safe and for any relationship to last 11 years as we have, is not easy.  I have enclosed a picture of us taken last year:


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