Thursday, August 20, 2009

TWIN PSYCHICS * Internet Radio with Ann Marie * 3 Reads per Call!

Friday, August 21, FREE Morning Readings

11:00am Eastern, 10:00am Central, 9:00am Mountain, 8:00am Pacific

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Radio Guests: TWIN PSYCHICS Join Master Tarot Reader Ann Marie to give you 3 Free Readings of Spiritual, Emotional & Visionary Medium Dimensions {347}326-9445

Length: 90 minutes

Guests: TWIN PSYCHICS * Energy Healers

Ann Marie, Master Tarot Reader 38 Yrs


Chinhee & Sunhee started TwinPsychics, a network for healing. Chinhee's energies flow towards emotional healing. Her energies attract people of all forms of abuse and addictions. Sunhee's energies flow towards physical healing. Her energies attract people with all types of physical ailments and diseases. Their methods are by ways of transference of energies. They do not use tools to channel their energies. They have several spirit guides who help them through each session. The twins have been Professional psychics/advisors for 10 years. They have overcome several years of abuse, near death situations, and traumatic experiences. They believe this process has morphed them to who they are today. They have learned that there is an art to healing. They know the world needs healing and they will always contribute to healing others. Chinhee and Sunhee want to share their special gifts with you and teach you "the art of healing".

Thats Right! 3 Readings per Call! 347-326-9445

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