Monday, September 14, 2009

Are You a Rainbow Crone?

There is a curious kind of woman over 45 years old that walks around with a lot of inner child within. You may find her in her gardens listening to New Age music, calico or lace blowing in her house windows and chimes ringing in the trees. Often she is a Spiritualist.

Whether barefoot padding around with paint brushes and a hunk of canvas, a chainsaw or chisel to create rainbows of sculptures from dead trees or stone, often she is sporting long white or grey hair when others her age warn of the dire results of looking young past her year count. She doesn’t care and smiles.

She’s not a hippy because she realizes the times have changed, yet often she comes from that era and has embraced all its most loving spiritual parts. She smiles often, may be a grandma and kids are drawn to her playfulness.

Whether a Pagan, a Christian or non denominational spiritualist, she “serves” in some form or way to others. She is playfully intelligent but tries not to take herself too seriously. Often she has a younger mate drawn to her youthful wisdom and energy.

She is a Rainbow Crone. Not just a woman over 45, but a woman who embraces all the colors of the rainbow of opinions, arts and ideas. Like Woodstock, she understands its ok to reflect the “essence” of an era but not live in the past. Are you a Rainbow Crone?

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