Wednesday, September 2, 2009

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TODAY'S DISCUSSION: SYMBOLISM Why is Tarot like the Alphabet? {their both symbols!}

Perhaps the main similarity between Tarot and the Alphabet is that they are both symbols. The art of decoding the Alphabet and Tarot is called "Reading”. The more one reads, the more smoothly the process becomes. The difference is that the Alphabet is read with the mind to create entire stories that connect the reader beyond the dimensions of time, place and the restrictions of “spatial reality”.

Tarot is read with the heart and soul. As one gazes into the cards, the symbolism wakes up the inner intuitive voice to tiny details that may have been missed in raw energy work. Tarot gives the “Story” and “Why’s” and cuts to the chase quickly. Tarot, like the Alphabet, is symbolism that connects the Reader beyond dimensions of time, place and the restrictions of “spatial reality.”

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