Sunday, October 11, 2009

My ECCENTRIC SPIRITUAL GENETICS – Hobo Free Spirit / Cherokee / A.D.D. {Additional Dimension Disorder}

I am the Indigo Granddaughter of a Hobo Artist from New York.
• Grandpa rode into Iowa on an Indian Harley in 1919 on the Lincoln Highway and married my School teacher Grandma.
• My great great Grandma was Cherokee, and brought into the family from the Trail of Tears.
• When ever I tell my mother my Additional Dimension Disorder {A.D.D.} was a hardship for me, she is quick to point out where my curse is really my blessing.
• My mother tells me the Cherokees believe that the first born daughter acquires the gift of vision. I am the oldest of 3 sisters.

Energy, Vibration, Timing & Intuition make a great Musician

I found myself through Music at 14 and performed on stage until I was in my 40’s. I realized that I could transcend my energy into my audience and that they felt me and responded. I never could learn to read music. However I could play a mean guitar as well as other instruments which I played by ear. During this time I also read intuitively.

My Love-Hate Mentor ship with my Holocaust Survivor Step Dad

When my creative Mom and Professor Dad got divorced, Mom remarried a Holocaust Survivor from Berlin. From his tragic life of escape he introduced me to “survival,” "Hypnosis", following "Gut Feelings" and all the tools he used to escape the Nazis. Later, though I didn’t appreciate him at the time, much of what he introduced into my life helped me through A.D.D and to enhance Psychic Survival Tools for my own life.


In 1972 I found an unusual deck of cards in a Gift Shop. I asked the French shop keeper what they were. She explained to me they told the future and were called “Tarot.” I bought them and found they were perfect for my gift of Intuition. Within 5 months I was so good at reading Tarot I began reading at Coffee Houses and “Thieves Markets”. People were amazed at my accuracy.

My Spiritual Sculpture Gardens – My Metaphysical Tea House

I bought my Metaphysical Studio the same year I became a full reader. When my son graduated I quit my conventional Job in 2000. Here I give personal Intuitive Readings, Hot Stone –Hypnotherapy and work in my personal Sculpture Gardens. Each of my sculptures has a rich history, some weighing as much as 500 lbs.


I am married to a Red Neck Republican, my total opposite. It has not stopped us from connecting spiritually the last 11 years, despite our energetic political differences. Time to time he knocks a golf ball into the arms of an Angel Sculpture, or mows precious flowers down. We move on..


• I started reading in 1973 in a tie dyed wedding dress at Art markets. Since, I have been intuitively reading at Coffee Houses, Gift Boutiques and Parties for over 30 years. I raised my son and kept a conventional job on the side.
• Though reading tarot most my life, I certified in Tarot in 1999.
• When my son graduated high school I left my conventional job, and bought my Psychic Studio which I surround with Spiritual Sculpture gardens. I absolutely hate clutter so all statues and gardens are set in Feng Shui Gardening directional rules.
• I certified in Transpersonal Hypnotherapy in 2004.
• In 2008 I certified in Reiki, which I use together with Hot Stone balancing.
• Psychic Spirituality…..transcended into Healing
• Through all healings, my main stay is Psychic Phone Advice.
• I remain a sort of eccentric of Iowa in my region with quite a few newspaper articles.

MY RADIO SHOWS * “The Brass Ovary” & “Angel Bling Theater"

My personal show, “Angel Bling Theater” is shared with my Co Host, a deceased Oprah singer, Lily, who speaks through creaking rocking chairs at the start of the show. Yes, she is the paranormal theater part. My Master Tarot Readings are my service and shared true gift

The Brass Ovary, is Co Hosted with Adrienne Austin, a professional Intuitive and Spiritual Teacher. Together we give readings to New Age Yin/Yang people searching for empowerment. Hence, the title, “The Brass Ovary”

{sold through Amazon & Barnes & Nobles}

My life and healing came full circle when my mother and I wrote 2 books of New Age poetry together on our relationship, our eccentricities, channeling our own bubbling genetic stew as descendants of immigrant grandmothers.  From Stone Age to Celtic to Modern Women we concluded our place in history is often marked in dishware passed from one generation of women to the next.  Add to that humor and the bizarre.

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