Monday, February 1, 2010

Sister Othelias Psychic Diamonds * The Garden Portel

It was a beautiful summer day 2009.  In the garden, across from the 300 lb cement Angel, surrounded by floral and flowers was a perfect duplicate round portal that reflected back a magical place.  I thought of Alice and Wonderland.  What would happen if I just stepped my toe into that shimmering oasis world?  Would my toe disappear, the rest of my body following, vanishing and transported to tea with a 3-D Mad Hatter and Cheshire cat?  I promised my self to investigate and drove off in my car to finish tasks.

  In 5 hours I returned to see a laughing little girl in the garden surrounded by shattered glass. The portal was gone.
"Honey" I called my husband to see the chaos, I was almost in tears.
"We need to clean up the garden before the cats step on all this glass.  What happened?"
"I don't know Annie.  What is all this?" he pointed in dismay to the shards of glass sparkling on the ground.
{All I have left is this picture that my neighbor took.}


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