Sunday, March 21, 2010

EXUINOX READINGS * Dreams & Visions * Bunny Sings Wolf

SUNDAY TIME: 2:00pm Eastern, 1:00pm Central, 8:00pm Pacific
It's Internet Radio! {Bring your Favorite Stone for a Message Reading} or Spirit Readings
{2 Equinox Readings per Call!}
Walking Stones * What IS "Stone Nation." {The stone you were drawn to has a message for you.} I trust Spirit will speak through me to "know" their meaning for you.
Many indigenous tribes have long understood the powerful energies held in "the rock". "Bunny Sings Wolf" explains Walking Stones and Stone Nation. Call in for 2 Equinox Readings per Call. Bring your favorite stone.

2 Equinox Readings per Call at Achieve Radio 
{Your Soul Journey for the Year} 

Toll Free Call! {888}235-7374


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