Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Calling of Light * Psychic Medium

As a Certified Intuitive Light Worker since 1970, it is Ann Marie’s mission to aid in the answers and concerns of your life chapter through psychic phone or e mail advice readings.   Each one of us must go through what the Bible refers to as “the 40 days and 40 nights of the desert.”  Constant life choices are presented before us.  At times the burden is so heavy we are overwhelmed and these are the times we reach out for help and guidance from Light Workers.  

 It is Ann Marie's belief  the future is changeable with your wise actions and the guidance of your Angels and God.  You will never be encouraged to be dependent on her and your privacy is sacred.


The less private information that  you give the better your reading will be. Ann Marie goes into a natural trance state when Channeling and her information is always in-depth and full of thought provoking information.  She will make you feel as if you are seeking guidance in a warm kitchen with a log on the fire and a good friend. Your wisest course of action to enhance love, career, financial outlook, creative ventures, spirit and beloved pets now and in the future of 12 months will be given. An angel message will end  your session.

“As an Indigo, I have been attracted to art and creativity as my saving
grace of normalcy. Completely distracted as a little girl, without any ability to block out the energy around me, I was a walking satellite pinging in on the energy of people, houses, animal, trees and my own hands.

The daughter of 2 teachers, my school work was a disaster. I couldn't tell time, but could draw detailed pictures. Held back in grade school, I spoke in abstract concepts. I couldn't read music but could dream music and name classical composers and pieces of music. Life's biggest pleasure was sitting at the giant walnut dining room table and drawing.

Had I not been blessed with insight, musical and artistic creativity in my life, many of the interesting chapters of my life would never have happened. I have never been considered normal, and yet always given drama and the stage naturally in a way that saved me from dying the
unfair hand of being A.D.D........which I call "Extra Dimension Disorder"

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