Sunday, April 18, 2010

How to have a Feng Shui Garden


There comes a time when every gardener sees "that yard."  Maybe its on a walk or in a car and your eyes light on a home with an antique bicycle, statuary, stained glass humming bird feeders, chimes and wicker furniture in the gardens. {And it hits you!} " Oh my God! Could that cluttered yard look be what I have?"  And this is when Feng Shui gardening comes to the rescue.


Feng Shui is about "less is more", simple, clear pathways and lines to the perfect restful martini or coffee corner. Its about sitting in your nook on a Sunday morning and feeling one with life. It makes your fabulous gardens shimmer and stand out.   But here's the thing.  Pick through all your "stuff" and find 4 major  items to enhance your gardens instead of 20.  This opens pathways for "Good Chi" {positive life force energy} to travel, linger, and bless your dwelling with tranquility, money, less fights and order.  Because all that glorious yard and garden "stuff" is sending a Morris Code: "Somebody help me. My Life is a Mess!" Big or small, your garden space can shimmer with order and each garden can be a focal point for your prize yard ornament, flower or furniture to stand out.


{How you arrange all the things in your garden is key to creating an oasis, and not a clutter jungle.}
  • WATER {Bird Bath, Fountain}
  • WOOD  {Arbor, Bench, Planting Boxes}=
  • FIRE      {Lights, Grill}
  • EARTH  {Soil, Clay Pots, Boulder}
  • METAL  {Arbor, Seating, Wind Chimes}

     The Feng Shui Directions - Coordinating Colors and Ornament Materials

    South - Fame and Fortune - Fire - Red and Vibrant Colored Flowers

    Southwest - Marriage, Partnership, Parenthood - Earth/Yellow/Beige Flowers

    West - Children - Metal - White/Gold/Silver Flowers

    Northwest - Travel and Helpful People - Metal - Gray/Silver Flowers

    North - Career, Business and Death - Water - Black/Blue Flowers

    Northeast - Knowledge and Education - Earth - Brown/Yellow Flowers

    East - Health and Family - Wood - Green Flowers & Plants

    Southeast -Wealth - Wood - Purple Flowers

    Center - Yin and Yang - Balance - Earth - Yellow Flowers

    Choose from your collection of garden decor 4 to 5 prize possessions. 

    You  can be "Country" "Asian" "Metropolis" "Renaissance" .....this is your Personal Identity.  Place your chosen objects in accordance with the 5 Feng Shui Elements of Water, Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal. Now around these objects place the flower / element color coded combination.  Congratulations! You have a Feng Shui oasis all your own. You should be very soon feeling the soothed productive tranquility that comes with simple flowing elegance, flowers and less {but more} yard ornaments.

    Click on the Feng Shui Court Yard to hear the Audio


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