Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Bohemian Underground of Beat New York * The Brass Ovary


From the Bohemian Underground of Beat New York coffee houses, quantum Psychic Bohemian Wise Women and author, Adrienne Austin, joins Master Tarot Channeler, Ann Marie, offering Personal Live Advise, Angel Messages, Master Tarot Strategy and a Transformation Meditation. This is a Brass Ovary Psychic Radio Reunion show.

Adrienne and I were talking about 3 years ago, about how a Spiritualist could catch the wave of Internet Radio.  And thats when we started the Brass Ovary Psychic Radio show at Blog Talk Radio.  Annie has moved on to Achieve Radio, and Adrienne continues with her live video show at Blog TV.  Both are finishing books and continue to counsel and serve. Listen to Adrienne's wonderful meditation!

Listen to show

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