Thursday, August 19, 2010

Email Reading: Should I stay or Go? {Is it Love or Drama?}

1 How does Jordan feel about me and what does he have to offer me in the future? 

Lorie the following dynamics came up on Jordan's feelings for you
  • He feels lonely without you….but refuses to acknowledge how much you mean to him, or even be a friendly man at times to you.

  • At times when Jordan really feels like covering his heart and soul's need for you he becomes totally arrogant.
  • He loves to undermine your sense of security.
  • He does this because how he feels for you is very confusing to him and controls him.
  • He hates it when you can read his thoughts or feelings.  


    This has a 2-fold good and bad Lorie.  
    •            Jordan can offer you the challenge of trying to get his respect.   Seen is that in other words you have a love hate relationship with Jordan's lack of respect.  It both intrigues you and hurts you at the same time. There is constant drama in the anxiety he creates within you. {Look out you do not call this "anxiety" ....."love".  
    •            Jordan can offer you a Magnetic connection like no one else you know.  The sexual and spiritual magnetic connection you have together makes Jordan confusing though. Why?
    •            Jordan's behavior makes you work twice  as hard to be "predictable"….as if you are trying to set a good example for him to follow….{This he will not follow as he does not treat you with respect and you are available anyway.}  Your messages are mixed Laurie,  as seen in the cards.
    •            Jordan offers you a chance to stay in an obsessed focused state of mind that takes your mind off other things in your life which are frustrating you.  You seem to do the same for Jordan.  The world spins away while you both obsess about your frustrations with each other.
    •            To many people none of these qualities would be blessings, but all relationships are different.  We can not judge, and I only tell you what I see.

    2 Should I stay with Matt? ( he is who I live with a s have the child with)

    •           Matt is seen as ambitious, receptive, patient, friendly
      •           Notice anything?   All these qualities are OPPOSITE of Jordan.
      •           Should you stay with someone who loves you?  Only you can answer this Lori.
      •           But understand who ever you raise around your child, is who you choose to be their role model.

        3 What does Matt feel 4 me and have to offer my life? 

        •           Grounding balance, Intuitive ability to feel your thoughts. {This is what you offer Jordan, who does not do the same for you.}
        •           Matt has to offer you Gratitude.   {Stuart has to offer you “lack of respect”}
        •           Matt is not always a generous person…he does not share money easily, or seem to {in the cards}  have a lot of money to share. 

        4 What does your child need most from you?

        Lori what your child needs most from you before I even read, is good role models.  Your child will imitate the behavior of the adults in life.  Seen is your childs need  for:

        •           RESPECT…….Your Childs reading shows that by being around love and respect, your child will learn to love and respect self as well as others.
        •           CONSISTENCY…..teaches that every day you practice your ability to reach your desired goals….your child will follow and do exactly the same in school and later in business finances.

        In conclusion, I understand your passion for Matt is not strong and that this makes you feel doubt.  Jordan makes you feel alive, even though his lack of respect makes you deeply sad.  The final choice REALLY lies with your child.  Which man is most like what you want your child's personality to copy? Use THIS as your better role model for you and the child.  Also understand Lorie that when both men are in doubt to you, perhaps the best choice is to live on your own with the child.

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