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A funny thing happens when your stressed and in anxiety. You look old faster, hair falls out, thins and splits and sleep disorders make your skin look dull. As your slathering on the potions and lotions for fake sheen, what you truly need is to get rid of the toxic addictive thoughts driving you crazy like a broken record. Learning to cancel your toxic thoughts will keep you glowing from the inside out. How so?
• Are you constantly raging with anger at people around you?
• Do you beat your self up with negative chatter?
• Are you constantly angry at your life spouse?
• Have you been worrying all night instead of sleeping?
• Are repeat thoughts playing over and over and over in your head?


• “When you are caught in overthinking, you go over and over your negative thoughts and feelings, examining them, questioning them, kneading them like dough,” says Susan Doyle Nolen-Hoeksema.
• “Pondering about life and soul matters can lead to self-improvement, but when that pondering turns into a pounding headache of nagging little thoughts, it’s time to tone it down.”

{live longer, look better}

1. Take a break with an active distraction – go for a walk, talk with a trusted counselor, or meet friends in a social setting. {Communicating and sharing ideas helps problem-solving. This leads to an increased sense of belonging, reduces loneliness and helps us to deal with whatever life throws at us.}
• Susan’s research shows that as little as eight minutes is enough to break the cycle of repetitive thought.
• She also found that once that pattern was broken and the overthinker was doing something pleasant, it made her mood more positive,

2. Mentally yell “STOP!” when you find yourself overthinking. Visualizing a stop sign will help reinforce the signal to your subconscious to give it a rest. {Do this for 8 minutes.}

3. “Listen for others’ voices – the voices of family, friends, and pop culture that support you in a positive way to feel and act,” suggests Susan.
• Avoid well-meaning friends who only depress you – this could convince you even more that you’re right to be negative.

Make a mental effort to start as soon as possible to look and feel better. Obsessive worry and thoughts will take quality life away from you.

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