Wednesday, November 10, 2010


by Ann Marie O'Dell

As an Intuitive Adviser and Master Tarot Channel for over 37 years, I have a portfolio of over 22,000 client feed backs. Listed with Best Psychic Directory, a radio host for Achieve Spiritual Radio, and published author of 3 books, I never forget that what we all want when seeking a reading, is honesty, warmth and clear advice. 

Raised in an artistic family of free form thinkers, daughter of two teachers, and encouraged that my Additional Dimension Disorder was blessed with gifts of writing, music and intuition, I have gone from severe insecurity, to becoming a happy Rainbow Crone.  Tarot came into my life at the age of 19. I discovered I had an extraordinarily ability to "Ping" like a satellite through the past, present, and future with fluid ease.  I do not define or label my gift with labels of Clairaudience, Clairsentience, Clairscentient.   Truly all that matters to my clients is, "are you accurate?" 

I believe that all of us must go through the 40 days and 40 nights of the wilderness. Each one of us is put on this crystal blue planet to complete a personal life mission.  As I follow the path of "lightworker," I find that my readings, studio, fairy gardens, hypnotherapy, have led me full circle to ordaining as a Universal Life Minister. I wanted to share my love of creating Angel Frequency, and offer visitors the chance to fully enjoy a walk with tea within the fairy gardens. My published book "Gardens of the Sisterhood."shares my design concepts, and how to find spirit in the garden.


When a client comes to me for channeled guidance I ask that they start our session by telling me as little as possible.

From here I confirm all thoughts on my clients matter with a well worn deck of Tarot.  {Someone asked me once, "Do you need to buy a new deck of cards Annie?"} It is my preference to use a deck that has fully absorbed all of my energy prints. Though Tarot is nothing but a "tool", my familiarity with my cards increases my relaxation to channel through them; much like a carpenter may get in to "the zone"  with a favorite wrench or hammer.  Anyone that has seen me read will notice when I am in my zone, my eyes are closed, and I rock back and forth.  This is my "zone"....called "channeling."


I certified in Trans-personal hypnotherapy in 2004, and became attuned in Reiki in 2008.  I had been intrigued by the nurturing properties of warm Basalt Stones for years.  I also became aware that the warm soothing properties of the stones put my clients into a calm that was equal to 20 minutes of hypnotherapy relaxation. Clients were extremely receptive as they went into a luscious soothing twilight sleep.  The process:
  • My fully clothed client lies on a heated massage table.   
  • Warm Basalt Stones are placed on the 7 Chakra points of the body, {pelvic, stomach, solar plexus., heart region, throat, forehead and crown. } In addition warm stones are placed  in the arm pits, under the knees, back and feet.
  •  I follow this with a soothing hypnotherapy of chakra colors and feelings, leading to a roof top in an indigo sky of stars.  Here they meet their angels. 
  • Through out the combination of stones and Reiki, I interject the goals and creative intentions my client desires for their life.
  • Clients leave warm, relaxed, nurtured  and exquisitely free of stress.  It gives a new start to a new day guided by the calling of light.

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