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Channeling Rachael: Greg Nooney at Achieve Radio

On Tarot Joy at Achieve Radio: Channeling Rachael

Wednesday March 14th, 2012:
6:00PM Eastern, 5:00PM Central, 3:00PM Pacific
To Listen Live: http://achieveradio.com  
Recorded Archive: http://achieveradio.com/ann-marie

 Channeling Rachael - A Live Body/Soul Channeling. 1 Hr. Interview and Questions with Greg Nooney by Ann Marie on Tarot Joy.

Certified Therapist, Greg Nooney, breathes into and speaks on air, the collective consciousness wisdom of "Rachael." Ann Marie conducts the 1 hour interview questions.

Certified therapist, mediator and Social Work trainer, with universities Iowa, Nebraska and North Carolina, Greg Nooney has presented numerous workshops and teaches the experience of Channeling. Today he shares the process of breathing into the collective consciousness and wisdom of Rachael. For a better understanding of Greg and his journey with Rachael read his blog:  http://channelingrachael.com/

Therapist and Work Shop Instructor, Greg Nooney, will start today's interview with the knowledge that he has acquired through the unexpected and profound channeling of Collective Consciousness and Over Lord, Rachael.  Half way during the show, Greg will begin breathing exercises and unite with spirit, Rachael in todays 1 hour interview.  Greg says he doesnot know what to expect when Rachael speaks, and is apologetic if she is blunt. 

TODAY'S INTERVIEW QUESTIONS - Wednesday 14th, 2012

1} Explain "Rachael Consciousness".  In your journey as a "Spirit Walker" to the other side, helping the dying to pass, where, when and how did Rachel come through?
2} explain what Toxic Thoughts are
3} what are the dynamics of an "old way" thinker
4} what are the dynamics of a "new way" thinker
5} {from our last interview together} what is a Feeder? How do we react towards them?
6} the bible says that in final days, many will be prophets, many will follow, and many will be led astray.  What do we look for within ourselves, to determine the authenticity of the message we hear, so that we may follow in true light?  {The Egyptians call this the time of the "Golden Cobra",  and that as warfare and greed took over in ancient days, the golden cobra {spiritually speaking} coiled within the ground...WHERE AS  In this new age, the Golden Cobra, {spiritually speaking} rises, to see with "third eye" "awareness" and "spiritual understanding".  I see the similarities in "little spirals creating vortexes through the densities of the planet."   PLEASE EXPLAIN FURTHER: the ENERGY OF THE SPIRITUAL FUEL OF THESE VORTEXES.
AT THIS POINT GREG NOONEY WILL BEGIN THE PROCESS OF CHANNELING RACHAEL.  Greg warns that Rachael can be very blunt so it is not clear what we can expect. 
6} Is it possible for "old way" thinkers, and "new way" thinkers to be outspoken?  And if so, is the dynamic of fear, anger and toxic emotion destroying the peace, created by THE WAY we teach and share?
7} as light workers, and spiritualists, what is our responsibility to the New Earth?
8} is there anything else you need us to know?

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